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Get Snappy and Stay Happy!

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Get Snappy and Stay Happy!

Get Snappy and Stay Happy!

Staying positive while financial issues, association with others and overall life in general can have us feeling all over the place. It is important to stay focused on you.

Now, get snappy and stay happy! Do what is needed for you. Once you have mastered the fact of taking care of yourself first. Then you can be a great asset to others and accomplish everything you have ever wanted and then some! Amaze yourself with your true potential. It’s not selfish, it’s balance. How do you expect to feed yourself if you give everyone else your food? How can you have time for yourself if all your time is spent on others?

The is 24 hours in a day, giving plenty of opportunities to open many doors and make time for everything!

As Arnold Schwarzenegger himself had said to the University of California that he ‘sleeps 6 hours a night’ (2009) “There are 24 hours in a day, you sleep 6 you have 18 hours.”

There is SO MUCH you can accomplish with 18 hours, by breaking down all the things you plan to do in that entire time frame. The real challenge is only getting 6 hours of sleep. My excuse for such sleep deprivation was my newborn son who is now 2 years old. I had a slot of time on my hands that I needed something to do. I spent a lot of time online. Being off work to support my son and fiance. I was still deprived of my usefulness without work. I found ways to make money online.

I had wondered for years how all these people that live on the internet can possibly do just that without having a full-time job. But they didn’t get there by magic. Almost all of us have had to maintain a job to keep a steady source of income before having other streams of income to be well off without the job. Then at that point your only keeping your job because you like working with the certain people and can stay with pride that you ‘don’t need this job’s. Life doesn’t have to be complicated to get the things you want and be happy. The secret is getting snappy and staying happy 😉

Well that’s how I say it. Everyone has their own little secret about success. But it all boils down to just doing it. Saving little bits of money at a time, taking the time to perfect that song or story, stay on top of your own chores, and just do it!

If there is a will there is a way! But without a will there is no way…

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