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Product Reviews

Cheapest Flat Screen TV of 2019

Unbeatable by even the biggest names out there like Samsung, Sony, RCA, and Toshiba. The TCL is the cheapest 4K flatscreen series that you’ll find. [Read More]

What is Leaf Leather?

As a replacement for typical leather and a form of vegan leather. Leaf leather is made from Teak leaves which prevent the harm of animate living being. [Read More]

Arizer: Dry Herb Vaporizer  

By far the most advanced way to consume your cannabis. The Arizer is gentle on your lungs and gets your more desired results on less. [Read More]

Zero Breeze

The best portable air conditioner of 2019. With 1100 BTU this thing packs a whopping breeze all from a 12v battery with a 5 hour life. [Read More]