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Who Am I?

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Honesty, Humility, Courage, Integrity.

My Exposé:

Aspiring philanthropist / Father of one / Fiancee to my personal Queen / Gentleman / Conqueror of my own past / Developer of my future.

Overall grateful for the exciting life I have had the absolute fortune to sail. I have spent the last 10 years of my life working closely consulting with clients to get them what they need or want. Which is 

a fancy way of saying I worked in customer service at various jobs. Working 9-5, 12-8, 4-12. Working anywhere, anytime, any chance to make ends meet. Pretty much for anyone who would hire me. Gas station, fast food, hotel house person (more like a butler instead of house keeper) and even construction for a brief period. But for one thing, I always put 100% into whatever job I was given. Regardless of how much work I had put out, or exhausting I made myself I never seemed to make enough. Something would happen and I was never able to hold onto my cash long enough to save it. So I thought, ‘there has to be another way.’ Just as hundreds of thousands of individuals have done before me. Stuck in a constant loop. Living paycheck to paycheck. I searched for ways to make money straight from home…and there are literally thousands of ways to do so and I want to show you how.

I am seeking to help you succeed. 

The internet is saturated with tons of coaches and mentors that base their entire business model around selling e-books and ‘secrets’ to how ‘You Too Can Make $100,000 a Month”! Lets get real for a moment. The only ones making that sort of cash are the guys selling it, and even they aren’t making those numbers recurring every month. Regardless, they’re are hundreds of thousands of people actually making a few thousand a month and a small percentage making ridiculous numbers like $100,000. It all depends on the amount of work you put into your business model. You can make passive income without having to put 40 hours a week into it though, 10 hours a week can go a long way.  It’s all about the amount of knowledge research from training videos you put forth that depend on your success online. 

Being an online affiliate has given me the opportunity to be my own boss and further my own life in a direction I never thought possible. Making money while having 24/7 while having a full-time job, no matter if it’s $100 or $1,000 is remarkable. I want to share with you the tools that will allow you to create as many other income sources as you’d like without having to invest much, if any money at allThere is a lot of things you can accomplish and learn for free at Wealthy Affiliate Online University. They have comprehensive, to-the-point information that will help you shoot your online business into stardom without getting the ‘jerk around’ other people give. They give you the opportunity to create recurring income and you can get this information for free. If you use the knowledge provide properly you don’t need to spend a ‘cent’ before you see some income. 

When you invest in the right opportunities, doors start opening in all sorts of directions. Those words were only a product of my day-dreams. The internet is an ocean of opportunities and I would like to share with you the knowledge I have learned to make recurring revenue with tools that have been provided to me.

A little about my personal life:

I stick by my words and stay true with my actions. I enjoy writing and being creative with my words. I spend most of my time writing blogs, researching general matters, and spending quality time with my son, Bentley. On my spare time I like to play my guitar. Mostly playing my favorite songs that have gotten me through the toughest of times but I also like to write original material. I hope to implement my music into my online business in one way or another.  

I believe in maintaining good relationships with people and showing respect where respect is due. I hope to chat and work with you at some point. If I have managed to intrigue your interest, feel free to send me an email.

Why Did I Create ProjectMyTriumph? 

I would like to help you create ultimate sovereignty of yourself. Settings your own limitations and boundaries. Life is full of boundaries and many different entities out there that suck a person dry financially. I want to provide you with the same tools that have helped me live the life untied from any work related obligations. 

I don’t believe you should literally break you back to make a living. I think you should be able to use the opportunities the internet has provided create another form of income for yourself. Have a hobby in woodworking? Or making any kind or projects at home. Sell product over an online store. Enjoy writing? Get paid to write content for companies. Even start a blog to do product reviews or tutorials. Support other companies and receive commission for  affiliate links. If you’re good at music and music theory? Get paid to teach it. 

My Goal


I want you to succeed! I’m here to offer you another way other than working your way up the corporate ladder. Why not start your own business within the internet that can become a colossal empire one day. Put a few hours a day into your business and I assure you too can pick up momentum to make something BIG one day. I want to show you all kinds of ways to make money online or even help you find a job. I want to help you get over whatever obstacle you’re trying to get around. Like my mom always told me, “it doesn’t matter what you have more or less than your neighbor, what matters is that they have enough.” We need to take care of each other in this dog-eat-dog world. 

I will make time available to chat with you for any inquiries you may have on the subject of making money at home.  

All the best,

Brandon Lee Williams-Sandy

Email: brandon@projectmytriumph 

Me and my son Bentley, 2019